Common Participant Questions

"Test Your Computer" Results

What does it mean if the Participant Test says I’m ‘Not Quite Ready’?

This means your browser is able to display the visual content of your meeting, but will not automatically stream audio via your computer. If your meeting invitation includes details for phone audio, you are all set. If you will need to listen to audio through your computer, try a different browser or download our Audio-Video Plugin: Windows | Mac

The test says to use Firefox or Chrome, but I already have those browsers installed. What do I need to do to log in?

For the best meeting experience, open your Firefox or Chrome web browser. Then navigate to your meeting page within that browser.

The test recommends I log in with Firefox or Chrome, but I am unable to install those browsers. Can I log in with a different browser?

ReadyTalk is compatible with Internet Explorer and Safari. However, due to browser limitations, if the audio for your webinar is intended for computer only, you will first need to download our Audio-Video Plugin: Windows | Mac

What ReadyTalk features are supported by each browser type?

You can see specific browser compatibility for ReadyTalk participants here.

How to Log In

I didn’t get or can’t find my meeting link, how do I log in?

Contact your meeting organizer to request an invitation or to have your email with login details resent. Reply to your invitation or confirmation email to do so.

What number do I dial?

If the Host of your meeting has provided a dial-in option for audio you will find that on your confirmation email. If no number is listed, audio for the meeting will be delivered over your computer speakers. If you do not see a phone number and do not hear audio, see Troubleshooting.

How do I join using the Mobile App?

To join a ReadyTalk meeting using a mobile device, first install the ReadyTalk Mobile App. Once the app has been installed, there are two ways to join the webinar:
  1. Reopen your email and tap the Join Meeting link.
  2. Tap on the app and input the access code (iPad), or access code and phone number (iPhone or Android). The meeting organizer must provide these numbers to you for this option to work. This option will also only allow you to login after the organizer starts the meeting.
We recommend option 1. If the meeting has not yet started, you will be taken to a waiting lobby. Once the meeting begins, you will see the live meeting page.


Is my browser compatible?

Most modern browsers are compatible with ReadyTalk. For older browsers the Adobe Flash plug-in may be required. Click here to test your browser.

I have logged in but can’t hear audio. What can I do?

  1. Check your email for a phone number. If instructions state to dial in over phone, do so.
  2. If instructions state to listen via computer speakers:
    1. Hover your mouse over the presentation and click the cog wheel in the top left corner of your screen. You should see a Settings Panel.
    2. If you have logged in using Internet Explorer or Safari, download the Audio-Video plugin. If you don’t see the button in the panel, you may download the plugin from this page: Windows | Mac
    3. If that is not an option - Click the button to switch to Flash.
  3. If the steps above don’t work, refresh your web browser.
  4. If you still lack audio, join through an alternate web browser - Chrome or Firefox are recommended.
  5. To request a phone number, contact your host via the live chat in the webinar.

Why do I hear hold music?

You may hear hold music over the phone or through your computer speakers. This usually means the speaker has not begun the audio portion of the meeting. Refer to meeting start date and time, including time zone. If the start time has passed, or you have a question about the meeting time, contact the meeting organizer.

Security / Firewall Issues

ReadyTalk webinars are a simple HTML5 or Flash video stream, which is generally not blocked by security settings. However, each organization’s security settings vary, so it is possible for a webinar, or components of a webinar, to be blocked depending on your organization’s unique security.

Potential symptoms of security or firewall blocking webinar content:

  • Unable to login (on one browser only, or multiple browsers)
  • Able to login, but have only visual or only audio content
  • Gray screen after logging in
  • Unable to access or view specific meeting content, such as web camera video streams.
  • Only one browser available, such as Internet Explorer, and unable to download the Audio-Video plugin

What you can do if you are unable to access your webinar due to security or firewall:

  • Try logging in with an alternate browser, if one is available.
  • Contact your host to request a phone number, if one is available. If logged into the meeting, use the live chat feature to do so. Alternately, reply to your invitation or confirmation email. You may also request a recording to view at a later time, if one is available.
  • Contact your IT department and request that they whitelist traffic from the ReadyTalk domain (https://*, or that they download the Audio-Video plugin for you. Ultimately, your organizations has set this security and will need to make any adjustments needed.

Meeting Time

I have clicked to join, but am in a Lobby page.

This indicates the meeting host has not started the meeting. Check that you have the correct login time, including time zone. If the meeting start time has passed and you are still in the lobby, reach out to your meeting organizer.

When will the meeting begin?

Please refer to the meeting confirmation email and verify date and time, including time zone. If you have any concerns about the time zone of your meeting, we recommend adding the meeting to your Outlook or Google calendar, as the time zone conversion will be done for you. There are also many online time zone conversion tools available.

Will this meeting be rescheduled?

For specific questions regarding scheduling, contact your meeting organizer. Reply to your invitation or confirmation email to do so.

Meeting Emails and Registration

How do I unsubscribe from meeting invitations?

You will find a link to opt-out at the very bottom of Invitation emails. Click the button to opt out and confirm your email address on the following page. The meeting organizer will be blocked from sending you future invitations. Note - If you choose to do this and want to opt back in to receiving invitations again, you will need to contact the meeting organizer.

Can I change or cancel my registration information?

Registration details cannot be changed once submitted. You will need to re-submit the form with the correct details. To contact the meeting host directly with updated information, reply to any meeting emails.

I didn’t get an invitation or confirmation email, how can I have that sent to me?

Reach out to the meeting organizer or host and request that they send or resend your meeting emails.

Meeting Content

Can I have a recording of the meeting?

To request a recording of your meeting to view at a later time, contact your meeting organizer. Reply to your invitation or confirmation email to do so.

Can I have a copy of the presentation?

For specific questions regarding the meeting slides or content-specific material, contact your meeting organizer. Reply to your invitation or confirmation email to do so.

How do I get course credit for attendance?

For specific questions regarding credit for meeting attendance, contact your meeting organizer. Reply to your invitation or confirmation email to do so.
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