Common Participant Questions

What number do I dial?

If the Host of your meeting has provided a dial-in option for audio you will find that on your confirmation email. If no number is listed, audio for the meeting will be delivered over your computer speakers.

When will the meeting begin?

Please refer to the meeting confirmation email and verify date and time, including time zone.

Is my browser compatible?

Most modern browsers are compatible. For older browsers the Adobe Flash plug-in may be required. Click here to test your browser.

Why do I hear hold music?

You may hear hold music over the phone or through your computer speakers. This usually means the speaker has not begun the audio portion of the meeting. Refer to meeting start date and time, including time zone.

Is there a recording?

Recorded content may be available after your conference. Please reply to the registration confirmation email and ask the meeting organizer if a recording will be available.

Can I have a copy of the presentation?

For specific questions regarding the web conference, please direct questions to your meeting organizer. Reply to the registration confirmation email to request slides or content-specific material.

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